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Our Aims  

Kids Planet will provide the best environment to develop your child’s cultural awareness, emotional understanding, intellectual, physical and social skills.  The happiness, well-being and education of each child is of utmost importance to the staff, after all it is why we are here.

Your child in the nursery is encouraged to develop his or her full academic and creative potential, and to think, question discuss and evaluate.

The preschool is staffed and resourced with this in mind, and the curriculum is planned to offer the widest possible range of opportunities.  Constructive parental involvement in the life of the preschool is encouraged and all parents are welcome to contact and visit the preschool as they wish.

We make sure children

    • Is in a secure environment and given enough care and attention ensuring the right ratio of teachers to children.
    • Learn and play in a behaved, happy manner with an organised and educational setting.
    • Build self-confidence and is able to talk, communicate with teachers and other children’s.
    • Feels at home and is able to make satisfying progress.

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